Jacquetta Burnale

Every bit as stern as her husband, this elegant woman is never seen without her best on.


Jacquetta Burnale bears her sternness for a different reason than her husband. From all accounts, she was a lively young woman when she was wed to the young Ser Solan, but the years apart during the periodic conflicts of Westeros, and life in the lean heath have taken their toll. She is now often seen with her hair neatly up, wearing ornate high-collared outfits, even when there are only servants around to see.


Jacquetta is daughter to Ser Gerad Shanin, a sworn sword of the Martells, and a distant cousin to the Daynes of Starfall and High Hermitage. As is the custom among the swords, she was wed to Solan, the son of another sworn sword, Ser Mandon Burnale. In this way the swords hope if one of their own received the gift of Land and Title, that this would raise two families. And so it was that Jacquetta became Lady of Speartip, for all the hardship it would bring her. The land is lean, it’s people often desperate, and the constant strife has taken her son. While she does not believe as her husband does that their daughter is not fit to inherit, she cannot deny the ability of a good marriage to raise one’s station. She does not, however, think it’s a given that such a marriage is a fortunate circumstance.

Jacquetta Burnale

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