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The Houses of the Torentine Valley

House Burnale

House Blackmont
Or, a vulture volant with an infant in its claws, all proper.

House Dayne of Starfall
Lavender proper, a sword across a falling star all of the same.

House Dayne of High Hermitage
Lavender proper, a falling star of black.

Locations in the Upper Valley

Barrows Heath
The site of ancient battles, many mounds and standing stones of the first men linger here in this high expanse.

A small hamlet on the southern edge of Barrows Heath.

This tower serves as the seat of House Burnale.

Solan’s Barrow
This iron mine was discovered less than a decade ago, and is still in heavy production.

Groups in the Upper Valley

The Barrowmen
Ex knights and soldiers turned to banditry, they run rough over the upper valley.

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